Why Virtual Care?

While there will continue to be times when your doctor will want to see you in person, there are many reasons that a virtual visit might be a better option. Beyond saving you money with low-to-no co-pays, here are just a few other reasons virtual care visit might be your best choice.

1 sickWhen you’re feeling sick

A virtual care visit with a doctor can help determine what illness you might have, any medications needed, and if an in-person visit or any tests are needed.

2 soonerWhen you want to get in sooner

A virtual care visit may make it possible to see a provider sooner than you would be able to schedule an appointment with your regular provider.

3 ruralIf you live in a rural area

Virtual care provides greater access to quality care for people living far away from a city center, including specialists, mental health services.

4 medWhen you need medication refills

Virtual care is the perfect option for getting information and ordering any new prescriptions and refills you may need.

Plan participants have access to Teladoc® virtual care services and no cost. Teladoc offers confidential around-the-clock access to board-certified and licensed physicians or pediatricians who can resolve common medical issues over the phone or video chat.

To request either a telephone or video consultation, visit teladoc.com/premera and set up or log into your account, or call (855) 332-4059. You can schedule to receive the phone or video call when it works for you or request an immediate call back. The average call-back wait time is 10 minutes.

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